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The development and prosperity of the nation depends upon the education of that nation. The development of work in this age of science and technology is impossible without quality education. It is everyone’s responsibility to develop a moral, self-reliant and responsible citizen for a better tomorrow. Discipline, morality, civilization and a sense of self-dependence are the prerequisites for the overall development and success of an individual.
Established in 2055 B.S. with acknowledgement of the fact mentioned above, MEBS has proved to be enlisted as the leading academic institutions in the country within a very short span of time. Our school mission values and behavioral expectations are embodied in the sense of togetherness. All staff and children, parents and visitors are expected to behave in a manner that is safe, respectful, honest, responsible and courteous.
Marigold School provides a safe learning-focused environment in which all children are encouraged to behave as confident independent learners and able to take advantage of the opportunities available. Our aim is for every child to be challenged to reach his/her full potential. We give the care and attention one would expect from a small school while also providing the wide variety of educational 6 experiences normally associated with that of a larger school.
We believe that encouraging students to do their best and strive for personal excellence enables them to take ownership of and develop skills for lifelong learning. We achieve this by …….
-Enhancing partnership with family and close relatives aimed at developing individual and collaborative pathways for learning.
-Providing a welcoming and safe environment which speaks of creativity and innovation
-Nurturing the students with respecting their self-esteem
-Promoting individual and cultural identity, recognizing the diverse nature of our community

  • Great Facilities
  • Science Labs

  • School Bus

  • Healthy Meals

  • Varied Classes

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